Tulips from Amsterdam.

Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]

A busy time

April and May are very busy months for me, in which there is plenty of opportunity to photograph, but scarce amounts of time are available to actually post them or stay up-to-date.

Boijmans Van Beuningen 

I’ve had a testweek, some nights in the theatre, birthdays and diners. I’ve gone to Rotterdam with my girlfriend, to visit Boijmans Van Beuningen, an art museum housing a collection that ranges from medieval Christian art to impressionism and my preference: surrealism. 

Maria’s visit

The highlight of the past weeks was last sunday though, when I met Maria, a girl from Portugal whom I’ve met via Tumblr. We’ve been mailing each other for more than a year, and somewhere during that year, the idea for our Project arose. I will reveal that this month’s subject is travelling, which couldn’t be a better subject because both of us were going to travel in April. 

I met her in Amsterdam Central Station, together with her friends (really nice guys), and our paths soon split. Maria and I visited the Negen Straatjes (9 Streets), with all kinds of weird, unique stores (including the Lomography shop). We talked nineteen to the dozen (damn, that idiom though). We had a coffee in some bar which had a fantastic view on Amsterdam, and we encountered that going on a boat trip intented for the worst kind of tourists (we didn’t care) was way to expensive for our student-like budgets. Fun fact: they had been living on knackwurst and tinned tuna, that’s what I call low-budget. 

However, it was amazing, and I’m surely visiting Lisbon in the future!

Redmond O’Hanlon

Yesterday, I’ve been to Enschede, to visit Redmond O’Hanlon’s exhibition, with a conversation by O’Hanlon and Hans Dorrestijn. His wonderful British humour and that impeccable politeness were ever-present! 

What’s still to come

In one week exactly, a school trip to Paris is planned. I’m really looking forward to that, and the past two weeks have proved to pass exceptionally slow. 

When I come home from Paris, there will be one day where I can refresh my luggage, because the next day will be entirely spent in the car. A trip of 1300km to Florence, to be exact. A good friend of mine is joining me and it’s going to be wonderful there!

Lollipop. #5

"You can never get enough of what you don’t need to make you happy." - Eric Hoffer

Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]

Lollipop. #4

”consumer society

Line breaks: con|sumer so|ci¦ety


chiefly • derogatory

A society in which the buying and selling of goods and services is the most important social and economic activity:

the consumer society with its all-pervasive materialism” -Oxford Dictionaries

Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]     

Lollipop. #3

”Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator had come to replace water virtually everywhere.” -Idiocracy

Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]


Anonymous asked:

Lensblr member ? Does it mean that you have been rebloged by Lensblr or something more. I did wonder why people use the Lensblr tag is it because they are members or because they have been rebloged by Lensblr ? I am new to tumblr and don't get why Lensblr is so famous.


Well, Lensblr exists for a long time already, reblogging unknown fotographers. I believe they have about 1.8 million followers, which creates a gigantic amount of exposure for the reblogged photographers, resulting in hundreds of notes.
I always get happy when they reblog me, for it means a lot of attention.
To be a member, you have to apply and pass this application. They will then post the picture you applied with along with the ‘application letter’. You will then be visible on Lensblr’s member page and be allowed to place a sticker on your blog meaning that you’re a member.
So being reblogged only doesn’t make you a member.

I hope this answered your question?

Lollipop. #2

”We believe we are the consumers, but we are the consumed.” -Bryant McGill

Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve become a Lensblr Member!

It does feel like a great honour (and it is). Thanks Lensblr!

Lollipop. #1

”Take a look at the boy like me, never stood on my own two feet. Now I’m blue, as I can be. Oh love couldn’t get me down.” -Mika

How about the idiocracy?

Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]



Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]

Praise colour.

Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]

One large red generator.


Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]

The project.


We are two aspiring photographers, with the same enthusiasm, passion and dedication, but from totally different cultures. Maria is from Lisbon and Koen is from the Netherlands, from a town too small to mention. After we’d had contact with each other for months, we decided to extend our collaboration. We thought of a project, that we will simply call the Project for now. It is about more than just photography. We try to connect our cultures, show their differences and their similarities.

Each month, there is one subject. We are free to do anything that crosses our minds with that subject. We aren’t bound to any rules, let the creativity flow.

It’s known for having all the colours of the spectrum. It’s brisk and happy, and when it’s not, it’s dark cheerless. In whatever form it occurs, it’s always present, always interesting and always different. It creates inspiration and ideas, it contains many shapes that might represent many things and it is a pleasant waste of time to discover them. It’s always above you, not always visible, but you know it’s there. And for as long as you’ll live, it will be there. The sky, is what I’m talking about.

Visit Maria’s blog here: http://www.vivitarphotography.tumblr.com/

Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]


Photography by Koen Rayer [portfolio]

Sunday I’m going to visit